Money-Making Features
helps you make money from your traffic!

Promo Codes Manager

Promo codes are a proven way to get more sales, including of advertising packages. It works! When someone is thinking about buying, a promo code is enough to drive a decision.

Recurring Payments

When an advertiser reaches the end of a time-limited campaign, such as a monthly placement, you can set Ad Agency up so that they’ll be charged again through Paypal and a new campaign will begin automatically.

Live Payments

Once you have at least one package and one payment method plugin installed, you can start generating income! Advertisers can buy packages from you as well as pay and add a campaign without you doing a thing.

Payment Method Plugins

You want to start making money now, right? Payment methods such as PayPal and 2Checkout let you do just that and the PayPal plugin is included free in the package! All you need is a PayPal account and you can instantly start collecting payment from advertisers.


Social Targeting

Social Media Targeting lets you use all of the demographic data available on social media sites to shoot your ads directly to the people most likely to buy.

Geo Targeting

If you're using Joomla and you're looking to add Geo Targeting to your ads, then look no more! Rimici Ads gives you the power and flexibility you need while remaining user-friendly to you and your advertisers.

Keyword Targeting

allows you to display ads based on keywords. This feature is important because it allows you to minimize the amount of packages you need to create and at the same time allows you to display ads based on targeted keywords.

Helpful Tools Included

Live Reports

Reading your stats isn't just a vital part of Internet business. It should also be fun. You should enjoy seeing how much money you're making!

Auto Approvals

Save time by setting up auto approvals for advertisers, ads or campaigns. Great!

Automatic E-Mails

Set up automatic emails to the admin/advertisers, to notify them on new ads, campaigns, etc.

Show Ads on Any Site!

Set up your advertising program ONCE and show your ads on any other sites! Useful!

Powerful Features
Everything you need and more!

Vertical & Horizontal ads

Display your ads either horizontally or vertically. Choose how many ads display in each row and column.


Campaigns allow you to limit display of ads based on time, impressions or clicks


Show ads on ANY module position available on your template and even on other sites.

Ad Rotation

It's a simple fact that Joomla rotating banners grab more attention than static ads.


Create advertisement packages based time, impressions or clicks (CPM, CPC or Time).

Seven Different Ad Types

supports all major ad types: Standard Banners, Flash Banners, Floating Ads, Pop-Up and Pop-Under Ads, Ad Code and Text Ads.


The Muslim Family Governance Framework and programs are enabled in our secure Cloud Data Center and Infrastructure Framework


FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and PCI Compliance


Integrated Risks and Controls Self-Assessment Framework
Strategy, Program, High Value Assets identification and management, Risk Assessment, Remediation, Validation and Reporting


ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support


ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)
Information Security Operations Center and Security Program


ISO 27002 Domain & Controls Technical Implementations
Approved Security Policies, Standards, Tools, Process and Procedures


Secure Infrastructure Baseline Framework and Management
Next Generation Secure Cloud Storage Architecture Design & Implementation


Secure Cloud Data Center – SSAE16 Compliant


Rimici “ONE Source” Muslim Family Governance Operations Engine! (Restricted and Copyright Information)


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